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UFCW States Council Congratulates

UFCW Local 1428 President Connie Leyva!


UFCW Western States Council extends its heartfelt congratulations to our own UFCW Local 1428 President Connie Leyva for her success in yesterday’s California Primary Election, where she advanced to the runoff against Republican Matthew Munson in the 20th Congressional district.


Connie, who began her career as an Alpha Beta grocery worker, is a warrior for labor and has a solid track record of helping grocery workers gain a stronger voice for fair wages and benefits. In addition to serving as President of Local 1428, she was the first woman to be elected president of the California State Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO in 2004, representing more than 2.1 million workers throughout the state.


Over the years, Connie has shown her dedication to her community and her state in numerous ways. She runs a fundraising drive coordinated with local Stater Bros stores that has helped raise more than $1.2 million for Leukemia research; has partnered with the United Way to open a food pantry that has been a helping hand to nearly 4,000 people during the economic downturn; and for more than 15 years she has helped thousands of needy children through the Shoes That Fit program and Kingsley Elementary. Connie also organizes an annual Day of Service for Veterans that provides meals, care packages, haircuts, and building maintenance for those who have served our country.


Connie’s presence in the State Senate will be an enormous victory for working families and the UFCW, and we look forward to her victory in November!

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